Four Steps to your Flooring Solution

Yep... it can be confusing, but there's just one thing you need to do. Talk to us. That's all. You don't have to do anything else. Sure, you can have a bit of a think. Do some research. Look at magazines. But don't stress, just have a talk to us. It's free. We'll even come to your place and measure up. That's free too.


Step One - Forget everything else at this stage. Brenda will have questions for you. Budget? Desired effect? Purpose? And a whole lot of other stuff. She won't rush you. She loves a chat:) Bring your magazines, brochures with you. Pictures are good.


Step Two - We'll provide you with options that fit with your answers and you'll make some decisions. Or we'll come back with more options if that's what you want.


Step Three - You decide which options you want to explore. We can get you some samples to take home.


Step Four - We come and measure ... then quote based on your preferences. 


Step Five - Yes, we lied. Forgot really. We send our boys around to install your floor coverings. 


Step Six - Not a real step, but we do make sure you're happy. Yep, we actually check to make sure that everything is OK.

Here's some basic information that will help you make some informed decisions...
and ensure that we're all talking about the same thing.

Hardwearing and long-lasting 

Cut-pile and twisted fibres create textured carpets that are ideal for busier areas. Whether in the plain or ‘heathered’ style, marks are less likely to show and fibres are less likely to fluff on a twist carpet.

Great for busy areas

Loop carpet is great for hallways and stairs. These uncut, yarn loops have a weave that bounces back to shape. Whether flat or textured, the rugged appearance can be similar to natural flooring like sisal.

Softer, smoother and more luxurious 

With straighter fibres than a twist pile, Velvet carpets show light and dark shading with lustre. The rich, indulgent look is magnificent throughout your home, or reserved for the bedroom or more formal areas.

Sometimes carpet simply doesn't cut it 

Wet areas... indoor/outdoor areas... or simply feature spaces might want something hard ... and easy to clean. We have literally thousands of texture/colour/pattern options for you to consider.

No gimmicks – No Tricks – We have no alignment with any particular brand or product, but here are some links if you'd like to start doing some homework.  


We want to give you the best advice based on your needs – you tell us what you need or want and we’ll work out the solution.


We deal with flooring options you won’t expect, like linoleum and hand-made whatever… as well as ALL the usual stuff like carpet, timber, vinyl, sisal, rubber, and rugs (not rubber rugs though...well we suppose anything is possible. If it is, we can find it for you. No questions asked;)

Here's a great place to start some research. Click a supplier to visit their site.

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